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Providing design and installation of Environmentally-friendly Artificial Grass Lawns, Golf Greens, Dog Runs, Commercial Projects, Sports Fields and Synthetic Turf in Canada.

Perfect Turf is the leading synthetic turf in Canada. We have installed thousands of synthetic turf projects over a 10 year period and have earned a reputation for superior installations and excellent customer service.


Perfect Turf has also partnered with a world class turf supplier!

synthetic turf in CanadaWe are excited to have Challenger Industries, one of the oldest manufacturers in North America, partner with Perfect Turf. Challenger boasts over 90 full-time employees, including a dedicated team to service Perfect Turf Partners. Challenger recently opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia. The Challenger factory sits on a large, 26 acre campus that houses an initial 250,000 sq. ft. factory with multiple new high-speed tufting machines, custom fabrication and new innovative backing systems. This state of the art facility allows Challenger to maintain high inventory levels so their turf is always available for the demanding needs of Perfect Turf Partners. It’s an example of a company that has consistently demonstrated their commitment to bringing value to the Perfect Turf team—whether it’s in expanding the product line, continuous commitment to investing in Research & Development of new yarn and backing systems to constantly innovate or establishing tight quality controls to meet our high standards.

Above: a sampling of just a few of our quality Synthetic Turf in Canada products. We have the Perfect Turf for whatever your Artificial Grass needs are.


Our environmentally-friendly products have a 10 year product/UV warranty!


For all your Artificial Grass needs, Perfect Turf offers a highly durable synthetic grass with an extremely natural look and feel. Our turf is eco-friendly, nontoxic and is the perfect choice for both beauty and durability even in extreme weather conditions and high traffic areas.


synthetic turf in CanadaLANDSCAPING AND GRASS LAWNS

Imagine your lawn looking perfect year round with little to no maintenance! Perfect Turf Synthetic Turf in Canada never needs to be watered or mowed or fertilized saving you thousands in upkeep! Our turf is extremely durable and is designed to perform in hot, cold, wet and dry climates and is the perfect solution for heavy use grassy areas and places that are difficult to maintain.

For a yard that looks great and stays green year round without the added work and expense of maintaining real grass, install Perfect Turf Synthetic Turf in Canada. With our wide range of grasses and the use of the finest turf combined with our installation and construction techniques, you’ll get an amazing synthetic lawn that you will proud of, and that will last you for years to come.


synthetic turf in CanadaPLAYGROUNDS

Our playground turf products are used in a wide range of areas including daycare centers, residential play areas, school playgrounds, church play areas, swimming facilities, parks, and municipal playgrounds. Your durable Synthetic Turf in Canada will not turn into mud and that the playground surface will never be uneven. There’s no need for mulching, mowing, watering or toxic pesticides, and the need for constant maintenance is eliminated. Artificial Grass only needs rinsing to be cleaned, is extremely durable, and the Synthetic Grass is non-organic so insects and pests will not be drawn in during play time!

We know how important safety is, so it is important to note that Synthetic Grass is more uniform in height than grass or mulch and is held to a higher safety standard. Our Synthetic Turf in Canada can be installed with various high performance padding, making it safer than regular grass lawns which may have patchy spots, or even rocks in them. This level of safety and padding means children are less likely to get hurt with the proper turf and correct infill. Perfect Turf playground turf is the most environmentally friendly and highest quality playground turf for any play area. Ask us about our products and let us help you pick the Perfect Turf for your project!


synthetic turf in CanadaPET GRASS

Choosing the right Synthetic Turf in Canada can be tough when it comes to our pets. Pet owners need to be assured that their dogs or cats will not be harmed by chemicals in the artificial turf when roaming the backyard. Perfect Turf provides top quality, lead free synthetic grass that not only remains lush and green, but is completely family and pet-friendly.

This top quality artificial turf for dogs, cats, and other household pets is perfect for residential front and backyards, dog parks, veterinarian clinics, groomers, doggie day care, and pet boarding facilities. Artificial Turf is strong, durable, resistant to digging and scratching, plus it even stands up against other types of destruction native to our beloved, but sometimes chaotic, friends. It is also designed to look natural, so you can be confident you are going to love your new artificial grass just as much as your pet is!

Maintenance and cleanliness are major concerns when it comes to the look, sanitation, and utility of your yard. So, how do you clean up after your dog? You simply pick up what you need to and then rinse it clean. For further cleaning and disinfecting, we offer a specialized cleaning product called Refresh specifically formulated for the task. Refresh uses 100% colony forming bacteria (does not utilize enzymes) to chemically destroy odors by digesting the harmful bacteria caused by disease causing bacteria. Refresh was developed for pet owners but may also be used in virtually any area where odors are present. This product continues to work long after it has been applied and can be diluted and sprayed directly on the turf to ensure your synthetic turf pet areas remain fresh and clean. Contact the authorized Perfect Turf dealer in your area to purchase Refresh.


synthetic turf in CanadaSPORTS TURF

Perfect Turf Sports Turf’s advanced engineering is designed for durability, performance, and natural appearance, so it is the perfect choice for sports turf installations. Our Synthetic Turf in Canada is ideal for sports such as football, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, or any multi-use recreational application. Perfect Turf Synthetic Turf has great options for schools, parks, and residences and will provide realistic performance and wear ability. Whether it is for your backyard, your school or a community sports field, we have the Artificial Grass Sports Turf product and solution for you!


synthetic turf in CanadaPUTTING GREENS

We design our Putting Green Turf to replicate natural putting greens. Our Golf Green Turf is made from durable, all-weather materials. We design this turf product specifically for replicating a professional putting green and practicing putting without the burden of maintenance needed for a real grass golf green.

Our unique Duraflo backing uses polypropylene slit film yarn to create a bent grass look, feel and performance second to none.