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Weston Weber is the master of the synthetic golf green. In the 1990s, Weber pioneered the golf green industry perfecting the use of synthetic turf, building a reputation for exceptional attention to the aesthetics, scale and complexity of the design, the quality of the materials and the installation technology. Today, he is considered the industry’s leading expert with an impressive history of designing and building championship-level short courses and putting greens for more than 70 PGA Tour professionals and exclusive golf greens for private residences and commercial use.

Prior to his involvement in Perfect Turf, Weber was founder and president of a company that dominated the domestic synthetic turf market and golf green industry. When he sold his company in 2008, it was the largest synthetic golf green company in the world with 93 franchises in 17 countries on 4 continents. Weber has personally sold, designed and installed more than 3,000 custom putting greens, lawns and artificial turf projects, and more than 75 business executives, celebrities, and PGA pros have endorsed him personally, his company and his work.

After a 6 year hiatus, he returned to the Synthetic Turf and Golf Greens  business and Founded Celebrity Greens with his wife and long time business partner.

In just two years, they have attracted 21 synthetic turf business partners in North America, and teamed up with seasoned experts in turf, championship golf course design and construction, business executives and celebrities to launch run his thriving artificial grass businesses.  It made sense to expand the turf business throughout Canada and add an additional 14 dealers with Perfect Turf.  Weber directs business operations for Perfect Turf and he will lend his expertise to he dealer network and continue to expand throughout Canada.



Weber directs the business operations and marketing for Perfect Turf.  She also is the Co-Founder of Celebrity Greens, an international synthetic turf company based in the US and is very involved with the business operations and marketing strategy for the company.  Weber also operates Panther Marketing which she founded in 1999.  What started out as a traditional marketing firm has become a digital powerhouse, offering clients a comprehensive set of services, including digital and mobile marketing, social media and content creation. Weber has extensive institutional knowledge of the synthetic turf business, having directed global marketing for Southwest Greens, a company founded by Weston Weber and sold in 2008.  Today she directs all the branding and marketing efforts for Celebrity Greens and Perfect Turf in Canada.

Weber is a seasoned marketing executive and entrepreneur.  Her career began in product and sports marketing with a Fortune 100 company where she spent more than 12 years developing national programs and leading the company’s sports and motorsports departments. In 1999, she founded Panther Marketing, the first of several successful companies that she has built and directed, including four enterprises with her husband, Weston Weber.  For more than 25 years, she has established an impressive record of achievements for her companies and her clients. Her knowledge and expertise of strategic marketing and sales has transformed small start-ups into global franchises and successfully positioned others for public offering. She has the unique ability to learn the business quickly, aggressively market it and turn it into a top sales producer. Weber is recognized in the sports marketing arena as a smart negotiator and innovator, leading multi-million dollar sports promotion programs for two global companies, Honeywell and Action Performance Companies, Inc. involving NASCAR, NHRA, MLB, NHL, NBA, USGA, NCAA and more. In addition, she has advised and directed marketing programs and projects for Fortune 100 companies, including Allied-Signal, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Motors, Castrol, Raytheon, Home Depot, Shell Oil, Johnson & Johnson, Texaco-Havoline, and several entertainment companies including Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Elvis Presley Enterprises & DC Comics.



Scott has 19 years experience in the synthetic turf industry and is a sand filled golf green design and installation specialist.  He began his career with Field Turf in 1998 as a franchise owner and later sold it in 2004.  He also was working with Tour Turf (by FieldTurf) which was their golf division and Palmer Course Design as the lead installer from 2002-2004.   Scott joined Southwest Greens in 2004 and became the Franchise Development Trainer working with Weston and Nicklaus Design.  He traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia opening franchises and training in sales, marketing and the installation of synthetic turf applications.  He continued in that role until 2012.  Since 2012, Scott has worked with Rymar Synthetic Grass in Canada which is a synthetic turf distribution company.

Scott is an incredible asset to the management team. During his career he has installed sand filled and short pile golf greens, lawns, playgrounds, sports fields (multi-purpose, soccer, football) and courts (tennis, bocce, volleyball, croquet) and he has designed (2) and installed (4) 9-hole synthetic golf courses located in Canada, France, Amsterdam, and in the United States in Missouri.

Scott is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Golf Green Installation Expert